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Find out more about medical cannabis as an alternative treatment, the research to support its use in a range of conditions, and the pathways to access.

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Medical cannabis as a potential alternative

There is growing evidence that the cannabinoid compounds, such as tetrahdrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), may be helpful with the management of symptoms that have not responded to conventional therapies. This evidence is across a variety of conditions such as: chronic pain, muscle spasm due to MS, epilepsy and treatment of resistant nausea and vomiting.

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What conditions are being considered for cannabinoid therapy?

Australia's regulatory authority, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), has produced guidelines based on reviews of available evidence for the use of medicinal cannabis in five different settings; palliative care, epilepsy, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV), multiple sclerosis (MS) and chronic pain. Prescriptions for medicinal cannabis in these conditions are more likely to get TGA approval than for other conditions where the body of evidence is not as comprehensive.

Help in navigating the medical cannabis prescription system

Access to medicinal cannabis involves a much more complicated process than with most other prescription medicines. As the majority of medicinal cannabis products in Australia are currently unapproved, a doctor can’t simply write a prescription without taking additional steps. Instead, there are several pathways for patients to access this treatment.

Pathway to access

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Talking to your doctor

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Make an informed choice based on real science

As a patient you may be interested to seek information to better understand the uses and science behind medical cannabis and use this information in their discussions with healthcare professionals.

We’re committed to supporting on-going research

Our commitment

GreenChoices is committed to further research into medical cannabis and providing essential information to both patients and healthcare practitioners.

Clinical trials

Controlled clinical trials and further research

Providing further evidence and education are the keys to assist doctors with prescribing this treatment option for their patients. More information COMING SOON.

The Science

Recognising the importance of access to quality research.

GreenChoices researchers have conducted a review of published research and have presented the clinical evidence we believe gives unbiased, reliable and qualitative information.

Discussing treatment options with your Doctor

Before discussing medical cannabis with your treating practitioner, we have prepared some information which may help your discussion and better your understanding of a doctor’s hesitations in prescribing this alternative treatment.

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